In Nepal, besides the mainstream tourism ideas, we are coming through with new concepts in tourism by providing treatments (medication) for various health problems, during your stay. Nepal is also famous for its natural methods of treatment. Naturopathy, meaning natural method for treating diseases, is one of the most frequented ways of healing by both Nepalis and tourists. This natural method of treatment includes exercise, yoga, reki, meditation, physiotherapy and other methods and activities. Medicines have a minor role in naturopathy. Since the chances of side effects and reoccurring diseases is unlikely by the use of naturopathy, it is believed to be a long lasting and safe cure and is gaining popularity, with more and more people preferring it here.

Slowly but surely, an increase in the use of health tourism has been seen in Nepal. People from other countries often come here as a part of a health tour, for yoga retreats and on many occasions, even to have their babies delivered naturally. Well qualified doctors, assistances, technicians, equipped hospitals (arogya ashrams) and care centers are now available in Nepal.  People can come to Nepal for treatment services. Here, the medical checkup, diagnosis, lab facilities, indoor services, surgery and follow ups are herbal, homeopathic and cost effective. Treatment for all age groups and climate inhabitants is available as part of the services. Attentive nursing care with regular visits of doctors is done in enclosed hospital facilities as well. The Medical personnel are capable of advised counseling for their patients. The Hospital environment is neat, clean & cozy. Nepal is also famous for natural method of treatment. Naturopathy means natural method for treating diseases. In such ways, Nepal’s tourism sector is expanding and making progress in the cases of natural treatments and attracting medical attention and acclaim from all corners of the world, that eventually help in its popularity and accountability not just as a country but as a tourism hub as well.

No matter what sort of medical or natural treatment and reverberation you desire, Travhill is here to help you out. Whether it is making appointments or arranging every tiny detail of your trip, you can count on Travhill to be there for you.

Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Packages

Yoga Retreats and Meditation

In the Yoga Retreats and Meditation session, you will be having the session combined with exercises for releasing the pressure,

Hike and Heal

Hike & Heal is specially for individuals who are enthusiastic about maintaining health through social, emotional, physical & mental well-being.
Bouddha, Kathmandu, Shivapuri

Personal Energy Healing Session

A process to heal oneself and cleanse all the negative energies and transform into positive energies through the process like
Bouddha, Kathmandu

Poon Hill Yoga Trek: A healing experience

Poon Hill trek is one of the most popular in Annapurna region which offers Majestic Himalayan views with mesmerizing sunrise.
per person
Kathmandu, Pokhara, Poonhill