Holidays Pvt. Ltd. Privacy & Disclaimer

At Holidays Pvt. Ltd., your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You can expect us to keep all details you provide us to be secure and confidential at all levels. We do not rent or sell your personal information.

We maintain a clean professional image and do not accept spam, or buy/rent customer’s information from a third party. You will only receive information from Holidays Pvt. Ltd. if you signed up to join our mailing list, or a friend/colleague of yours requested on your behalf. You can opt to be removed from our mailing databases at anytime.

We enforce a code of conduct of To Do’s and Don’ts for our customers and employees so that they do not have a negative impact on the natural environment of wildlife and local communities. To be environmentally-friendly, we always stay in guesthouses that are solar-powered and discourage the use of boiled water for hot showers and drinking. We never use bottled mineral water as the disposal plastics/waste cause pollution to the environment. We also encourage the use of an extra layer of clothing to keep warm instead of burning a log for heat. We use gas or kerosene when camping to protect the environment as much as possible.

To personally identify customers, Holidays Pvt. Ltd. collects your name, address, email address and telephone numbers from you personally, for requirements to process your registration with the company and with the tourism board posts during trips. Hence your personal identification information is not required to visit our office or website.

Personal information provided to us for a particular purpose will only be used for that purpose. We will not supply these information to any third party with your permission. We may require additional information from you for operational work when booking with us.

To ensure security of our database, all personal identifiable information are stored in private servers that can only be accessed by Holidays Pvt. Ltd.’ employees on need basis. No credit card details are stored in our network and database when you make reservations or payment of our products in our website.

If you signed up to receive communications from us, but later do not wish to, you will be given a chance to opt-out from receiving our emails.

You can verify the details you have provided to us or make corrections to us by directly contacting us through our official email address.

We collect anonymous clickstream website information from every visitor who checks us out. We can usually extract the domain type from IP numbers, and also get browser type, geographic region, pages viewed, data and time. However we do not make any affiliation between this information and visitors identity.

This website viewing information by visitors is used by Pvt. Ltd. to analyze our potential customers behavioral profiles. It helps us make decisions on whether our site content is attractive and relevant for majority of users. However, we do not have a link to the website visitor’s identity.

As you visit our webpages, Holidays Pvt. Ltd. uses cookies to enable some functions such as gathering anonymous clickstream information. However we do not set deliberate cookies to track return visitors, as all cookies expire within 24 hours.

There are links to other related website that we recommend in our website. Please take responsibility that you are entering another website when you click on of these links. We recommend you to read the privacy statements of these linked websites since their privacy policy may be different to ours.

To directly contact us through email, we use email links given in this website. As per your questions and comments, we respond using the information you provide in your email to us.

We will only disclose personal information if required by law, or in good faith that such move is necessary to conform to emergencies, lawful actions and legal process as a government licensed organization.

Only upon getting your consent, we collect sensitve information for our use. Sensitive information includes your race, ethnic origin, religion, philosophy, sexual preferences, political views, health records and criminal records.

We do not use the service of identifies assigned by a third party agency or contracted service provider to identify any of our customers. Pvt. Ltd. accepts the Privacy Amendments Act of Nepal for Private Sector and the privacy principles that the Act brings.