Foreign tourists who are trekking in Nepal are asked to get an insurance coverage. Due to unforeseen calamities, trekking can be physically challenging and dangerous especially at high altitudes. Trekkers who may not have had proper time to acclimatize can suffer from altitude sickness, which is common in Foreign trekkers. During emergencies, rescue operations which can be very expensive, are done by helicopter evacuations to hospitals in Kathmandu (or internationally if conditions are severe). Hence to avoid paying heavy out of pocket fees for medical treatments, it is important to get insurance coverage.

It is important that you choose a policy that includes expenses due to adventure travel (high altitude and remoteness) as it is a unique case. Your insurance company should be aware of covering emergency air rescue through helicopter ambulance including medical treatments.


We recommend two insurance companies best known for providing insurance coverage for international emergency rescues and/or medical assistance:

World Nomads

World Nomad is one of the top insurance companies specializing in travel conditions and adventures, like in Nepal. It is covers people worldwide in over 150 countries providing specific emergency rescue and medical treatments in their policies. They have experience working in Nepal’s travel conditions with good policy options such as in high altitude rescue.

Global Rescue

Global Rescue is endorsed by extreme sports and explorers and have worked with NASA astronauts, and famous mountaineers and National Geographic adventurers. They are well-known for providing excellent health, safety and risk management service.

Other well-known insurance for similar policies are AIG, JS insurance, Bupa Global, IM Global, and STA Travel.