Nepal is an epicenter for natural beauty, world heritage sites, traditional culture, and rare wildlife. Tourism in Nepal opens one’s eyes to the natural beauty and cultural richness that inhabits the country. What better way could there be to educate students regarding the importance of environmental conservation, religious and spiritual vastness and cultural identity than taking them on a tour in the country itself?  Travhill provides all kinds of services that a group of students from anywhere within or outside the country may need in order to see Nepal. It also arranges packages and programs for recreational activities such as Hiking, Trekking, Trekking Peak climbing, Adventure Passes, Rafting, Jungle activities and other tailored tour arrangements. We extend our services to cover all School Students group, College, University Group Tours. Our custom made tour packages are tailored to suit the needs of students in schools, colleges and universities.  The recreational package can be for purposes that range anywhere between holiday, educational trip, national student body tours or even International student tours from India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

Travhill does an amazing job of making packages for tours that suit their customer’s individual choices and preferances.  We can make a program to take you through the history and culture of Nepal, and travel around the ancient cities as well as the rural areas, learning about the history of the buildings, and the farming methods of the local people and explore the natural countryside on foot. We could also arrange for you to experience true village life through home stay programs. Like Otherwise, if you are more interested in adventure, we can arrange activities like hiking and trekking, kayaking, biking tours, Sightseeing, Jungle safari, Canoeing, Bungee jumping, and rafting trips among other things to suit the needs of your groups. Why not contact us today to arrange your college trip. Here are some of our genre specific tour packages:

Learning about History

Travhill understands the importance of incorporating learning into school trips, and we have devised a packaged tour that does just the thing. Our program of learning about the history of Nepal takes you to all the places in our country laced with historical importance, allowing you explore the past and development of these places. Here, the students get an opportunity to see this makings and architecture of the past, and will also get an exposure to the inhabitants of the places presently.


Besides the history tour, out nature based program takes you to the Chitwan National park and Bardia National park where you can explore the wildlife and environmental habitats of many endangered species. You can visit the elephant and crocodile breeding centers to get a sense of how the community in Chitwan is bettering the ramifications of endangered species.  You can also dabble in some fun activities such as elephant riding, jungle walks and even canoeing in the rivers.


The trekking package is by far, our most adventurous and adrenaline packed activity. As a part of this package, Travhill takes you on a short trek, followed by white river rafting with your group of friends. To add to this adventure, the package also takes you paragliding over the sunlit mountains in Pokhara. But that’s not all! Travhill also has a mountain flight package, where tourists can sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views of the magnificent Himalayas from their airplane seats.

Religious and Spiritual

Travhill understands that religion and spirituality is one of the most important values of Nepal, and we have added this part of tour to spread this essence among students as well. This trip takes the students to all the major Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. We visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Lumbini, followed by the most famous pilgrimage temple of Manakamana, and even a trip to Buddhist monasteries that include a trek to the holy temple of Muktinath in Mustang.

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking is definitely one of the biggest tourist attractions of Nepal, and if you are looking to treat yourself to the full package of the Himalayan beauty, a trekking trip is integral, so that you can get the complete Nepali experience of tourism. Travhill can custom make programs for all school, college and university students to experience both the beauty of Nepal and the adventure of Hiking and Trekking to Base camps in Annapurna or Mt. Everest. It would be a trip to remember!