Cinematography is an art form, where a photographer, much like an artist, paints a picture of his idea of beauty with a click of the camera. In a progressive world, cinematography has begun feeling like the new form of picking up a paint brush and colors to paint. Today, high resolution pictures and travel video logs are the medium that people have found in order to express themselves. In a place like Nepal, which in itself is as pretty as a picture, cinematography can be not only a way to record your memories, but also a unique experience of expressing yourself in new ways.

A cinematographer works intricately with his device and brings into life the aesthetics that the story demands. It involves the composition of scene, lighting of the set and actor, choice of cameras, camera angle and integration of special effect to achieve the photographic image desired by the artist or photographer. Covered in mountains and Himalayan peaks such as Everest and Annapurna, Nepal is every photographer’s dream destination. Whether you are here for the hippie streets of Thamel, the religious call of the temples or the lure of the mountains, there is a lot to see in Nepal. Cinematography can be an adventure on its own, not to mention a mind opening experience. Capturing the beauty of Pokhara’s exquisite sunset, or a smiling child in a rural village somewhere in the mountains, these things can be truly therapeutic. If you’re looking for a place to make your first adventure film, or where you want to start cinematography by creating a feature film, or even if you are a passerby photography enthusiast, there is no better land that can model beauty better than Nepal.

If you are more interested in photography that includes wildlife, then an adventure tour in Chitwan would be perfect for your needs. Similarly, if you’re more of a nature lover and have the immense passion of capturing the beauty of our mystical mountains, rivers and forests, a trekking package would suit you well. If you are passionate about spirituality and want to capture your connection with religion on film, then visiting all the temples and beautifully crafted Durbar squares and stupas in Nepal could be a transcending experience for you. All in all, all a photographer really needs is an eye for the beauty they seek. We at Travhill understand a photographer’s passion and desire to express exactly what they want, and are here with the packages that will make your experience one worth capturing.

From short films to making heavy duty movies, you can always trust in Travhill to arrange everything and tend to every little detail to make your experience a memorable one.