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Chepang Village Tour

Chepang is one of the mystical ethnic communities in Nepal that have their own language, tradition, culture and lifestyle and they still live in the jungle and a way form the modern society. As a new concept of tourism in Nepal, the people are also the most attractive source of the tourism; we have designed this trekking to see those people and their culture through Chepang Village with the trekking experience in the hill side of Nepal and the view of Himalayas.


1Night/2Days, 4Night/5Days

Langtang Valley Kyajin Gompa Trek

One of Trekker’s best kept secrets, the trek to Langtang Valley offers a perfect alternative to traditional trekking routes in Nepal, especially for those seeking to trek in tranquility. Lying at a short distance from Kathmandu, this trek offers a myriad of experiences from ¬†side treks, circuit treks, high mountain pass traverses to peak climbing all within the beautiful Langtang Valley.

Kathmandu, Langtang